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2000 Amp Booster Cable

රු2,000.00 රු4,000.00

2m 2000AMP Car Auto Booster Cable Car Starting Jumper Cable Emergency Battery Booster Cables

When car does not start the power supply, it can be activated with the battery of another car with the product

Be careful:
1. 2 cars can not have any contact, the electronic system of the two cars need to have the same voltage
2. Do not use this power cable if the battery is frozen
3. Before connecting, turn off the two car’s engine, stereo, air conditioning
4. When the engine starts, still need to take the power line in order, otherwise it may lead to short circuit

How to use:
The connection steps are as follows:
(1) connect one of the red wire clips of the power cord to the positive electrode of the red battery of the “ambulance”
(2) connect another red wire clip of the power cord to the positive electrode of the red battery of the “rescue car”
(3) connect the black wire clip to the black negative electrode of the “ambulance” battery
(4) connect the other black wire clamps to the black negative of the battery of the “rescue car”
(5) start the “ambulance” engine first, then start the “rescue car” engine. If the car is still unable to start, please check whether the metal contact is out of contact

Wire disassembly procedures are as follows:
(1) first remove the black wire from the “ambulance”
(2) remove the black wire of the “ambulance”
(3) remove the “ambulance” red wire
(4) finally remove the red wire of the “rescue car”

Material: copper, rubber
Size: 2 meters
Color: black, red
Weight: 1170g
Packing: OPP bag packing

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