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Sokany Travel Steamer

රු2,599.00 රු3,499.00

Specifications:   Color:Red/Blue Product size: 200*130*100mm/7.87*5.12*3.94″ Product weight: 400g Product Material: ABS, PC, Electrothermal Component Voltage: 220-240V Product power: 800W/50-60Hz Heating mode: electrothermal Spray: press spray Scope of application: ironing of coats, shirts, underwear, pockets, ties, etc. Functions: ironing, humidifying, disinfection and sterilization.

Descriptions: This product is an efficient and environmentally friendly household cleaning ironing product.  Its continuous high temperature and high pressure steam can be used to ironing, sterilization, cleaning and so on. It is suitable for households, hotels and travel.

Function overview: 1. Connecting the power supply, two minutes later, continuous, high-temperature, high-pressure water vapor can be produced, which is very suitable for household cleaning and ironing clothes. 2. Ironing: High temperature and strong steam can easily ironing clothes, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, etc., especially clothes that need vertical ironing (such as suits), more suitable for ironing with this product, this product is equipped with ironing brush, after ironing, more sterilization and disinfection of clothes and removal of odor.  3. Sterilization and disinfection: High temperature and strong steam can quickly kill a variety of harmful bacteria, to ensure household cleanliness. Clean: High temperature and strong steam, can easily dissolve and peel off oil stains, dirt and mildew in the surface and crevices of household appliances.

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