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Rich 24cm Casserole

රු5,300.00 රු6,000.00

Product details of Rich Nonstick Casserole With Glass Lid 20, 22 and 24cm Black RHCR-740 (Made in India)

  • With Glass Lid
  • Non-stick Casserole
  • 2.6mm thickness
  • Made without PFOA
  • Oil Free Cooking
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Made in India
  • Available Size 20cm, 22cm and 24cm
Use& Care 

  • Avoid dropping the product or banging it with hard or sharp objects.
  • Never leave empty pan on gas flame.
  • Avoid immersing hot pan in cold water.·
  • Avoid chopping or cutting food in the pan.·
  • Avoid cleaning in dish washing machine.·
  • Avoid the use of pan for storing food.·
  • Avoid using sharp utensils like knife on the coating.·
  • Although plastic /wooden spatulas are safest, metal spoons with smooth edges, may be used with care and light pressure. Remember non-stick coating is scratch-resistant and non scratch-proof.·
  • Should staining re-occur after a few uses, it can be removed by following method: Half fill the utensil with water, add a tablespoon of bleaching powder and vinegar. Heat slowly to boil for 5 to 10 minutes. Rub the stains with wooden spatula only. Remove from heat wash with soap water. Rinse and dry.